4 Essential Ways to Improve Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is an efficient process that ensures that a company has all the supplies or materials that specifically need to produce products in the manufacturing company. A growing company needs a skilled supply chain management to ensure its success and there are many companies specializing in these services. This process makes it very important especially for small to medium scale companies that it is practical to use and it is very easy to apply in most types of industries.

Many leading companies have made strategic investments in supply chain management to increase organizational efficacy such that they can cross cross-functional silo. Because of this, many of these organizations have outperformed the overall maturity level. Amazon made it online in retail, as many have managed to disrupt them – likewise, redefining customer expectations, can result in supply chain management being a powerful competitive advantage.


Today, Eikon’s CEO Cale Villano will discuss the four key tips to maximizing the supply chain system’s potential for their company.

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Inventory Management

An element of supply chain management, inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale. A key function of inventory management is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale. Here’s a great article with tips.

Improving Your Distribution Network

Your distribution network is Operating Fulcrum around which your supply chain management system is created. Distribution affects everything; this includes sales strategy and delivery tracking. In no uncertain terms, your main objective should be to improve the distribution network, which you can do with a cluster view or a holistic approach.

Later, you will need to review the necessary parts of your distribution network and find out how they work.

Let’s taking purchasing software for an example, specifically, how it works with your distribution system. Does it communicate well with the warehouse manager and production foreman? Is that process as efficient as it needs to be? If not, you should try to identify the areas where the changes should be included. Another approach would be checking out the cluster view which could help you with grouping graphs, charts and other description groups to consequently monitor your processes for a specific company function.

Devising a Distribution Strategy

 A good distribution strategy is an integral part of the supplier management framework. This reduces product decay while improving customer service. The extensive area of supply chain management can help the seeds of an organization’s plant for long-term financial stability. Supply chain management expert Frank F. Brit has indicated that preparing a good Blueprint to deliver your products and services will help in achieving profitable growth, especially when you begin to strategically think about cost, revenue and property use.

Customer Cash Control:

While improving the profitability of customer relations and orders, it is important to measure the order processing and optimize payment settlement. For most companies, it is necessary continuously measure that the right product is given in the right place at the right place by the customer in the desired form or not. Supply procedures can be optimized to avoid costly processes. Setting up customer payments is one factor which is equally important to save costs. Reducing time between order and payments, late payment settlement, showing missing payments and invoicing them WILL greatly reduce your costs.

Well, that’s it folks – work on these four areas and we believe you’ll be in good shape with respect to your SCM maturity. Do you implement these four methods? What are your problems with supply change management?

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