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Supply Chain Management is one of the most contemporary and challenging concepts in today’s business world. Due to the increase in global demand of trade; Transport, procurement, manufacturing, distribution activities have increased significantly. Now, one day, major companies are focusing on SCM trying to develop new innovative strategies to reduce the cost and meet consumer demand to gain the consistent competitive advantage.

Choose a career in logistics and supply chain management: Today, Cale Villano has guided some important steps for supply chain management such as:

In a connected world where consumers and businesses have access to halfway through the world, data becomes an extremely precious item and becomes an integral variation in the development of a business. Traditionally, this figure has become difficult, if it is not impossible to assemble. Once the data was collected, it had to be manually sorted and analyzed to make a real impact on the bottom line.

A Responsive Supply Chain: Businesses are no longer limited to one channel to reach consumers. As a result of this Omni-channel market, where everything and everyone is connected, it becomes appropriate for organizations to embrace IOT so that a responsive supply chain can be enabled which constantly develops at all levels. Real-time supply chain data collection and analysis can help businesses accurately track and assess inventive movements with the help of sensors, and therefore, in case of accelerating or reducing the supply of inventory based on consumer demand could.

Supply Chain Business Intelligence: The increased connectivity in the supply chain provides big business intelligence to the organization. It includes relevant customer data for financial data, marketing, sales, and operations, and allows better accuracy in predicting consumer demand. This, in turn, ensures better coordination between different departments, which allows for significant savings in the cost and time for the business. Not only that, the supply chain forensic data ensures that the wrong things can be identified during the distribution process and it can be modified before the big problem for the business.

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Consumer Insights: IT has proved to be a boon for supply chain managers in the retail sector. Each device, our car, our phone and even satellite radio share much valuable information about our habits and preferences on the cloud. Companies can analyze this information and find out the way our car runs and if we have children or not. And this analysis can help them transform their business chain into a way of the formation, procurement, and distribution of products in their supply chain.

Fleet and Fuel Cost Management: Each one uses Google Maps to know about traffic conditions and optimize their commute. IoT, however, can assist logistics to go a step further and learn from the traffic patterns at specific times of the day, temperature, humidity, altitude etc. to exploit fleet and fuel cost management. GPS devices embedded in pallets or even deployed on the vehicles can analyze historical data to ensure optimal delivery routes and times, and also stay a close check on fleet maintenance and driver health at every step.

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